Mission, Vision and Values


Investing in initiatives identified and led by West Africans that improve their health, education, and well being.


The basic needs of West Africans are met and they have opportunities to become self-sufficient.


1. West African Partners. All supported projects are initiated and led by trusted West Africans in accordince with social justice and self-direction. Their dignity, independence, and diversity are honored and respected. Projects range from emergency aid to sustainability expenses to economic development.

2. 100% Model. 100% of your donations go directly to West Africa. 100% of WADSO’s operating expenses are covered by WADSO Board of Directors and/or donors that specify that their donations be used to cover operating expenses. 100% of WADSO board members donate time and money to WADSO.

3. Connection. As global citizens, WADSO engages people in Fort Collins, greater northern Colorado, and across the U.S. with West Africans by offering eduation about their needs and strengths, and providing opportunities for cross-cultural relationships.

4. Transparency/Accountability. Donor designations for WADSO-approved projects are honored and full disclosure regarding expenditures is provided.