Best Brains Academy Teachers and Administrators Scholarships

Best Brains Academy (BBA) is a state-of-the art school founded by Revs. Luther and Christine Tarpeh, and run by Christine. BBA educates more than 300 students in Monrovia, Liberia, about half of whom cannot afford full or partial tuition. To allow these children to attend BBA, WADSO believes that employing quality, compassionate teachers and administrators is a key to educating these children so that they can have a better future. WADSO is raising money to supplement the 20 teachers and 3 administrators’ salaries that would have been covered if all children could pay full tuition. $30 a month supports a teacher to educate twenty students $75 a month supports an administrator to earn a full salary for overseeing more than 300 students and twenty teachers Please consider becoming a sustainable donor by giving monthly. Any monthly amount is welcome–no amount is too small or too large!