Madonna Hospital (Nigeria)

About 90% of Nigeria’s health care services are provided by private physicians, some of whom take advantage of the poor or provide health care at an unaffordable cost.

Several years ago, the Justice Development and Peace Commission in Nigeria, and the diocese of Umuahia in south eastern Nigeria, established the need for a hospital to serve all people in the region.  Construction of Madonna Hospital began in earnest with a group of interested people from the UK working with the diocese.  Unfortunately, both ran short on funds and the roofless one story structure stood empty and subject to the ravages of the weather for several years.

In 2006, WADSO started actively raising money to continue the hospital’s construction. Today, Madonna Hospital is a spacious 33,000 square foot, light-filled facility that serves both the wealthy and the poor. Typical cases seen include malaria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and pre/post natal complications.  Hypertension complicates many medical diseases in the patient population.  An in-resident ophthalmologist also has an eye clinic each Friday.

Father Christian at Madonna Hospital thanks our whole community for all of our work. Betty Scheetz from Saint John XXIII in Fort Collins reports in November, 2014: “You should have heard the excitement in his voice. The hospital is up and running and fully functional. It has the reputation of being the leader in eye surgeries in the country…Father was recently interviewed on Nigerian television about the hospital. The goal is to have madonna as a major surgical center by 2020.

Umuahia is one of the major cosmopolitan towns in this area of Nigeria with a population of 285,000 people. The hospital serves a great diversity of people both in the city and surrounding rural area.  This mostly rural diocese consists of members of many faith communities including Catholics, Muslims, Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Pentecostals, and other African faiths. All are welcome and served by the hospital.

Funds for additional support can now be directed through Saint John XXIII: 1220 University Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 USA.