Our Story

With a passion to invest in West Africans in their efforts to be economically self-sustainable, a group of like-minded people founded WADSO in 2001. This passion arose in part from relationships with a West African parish priest who served at John XXIII University Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With support from people like you, WADSO has successfully helped West Africans finish building the Madonna Hospital in Nigeria that specializes in eye care, and an orphanage for children with disabilities in Ghana (Nazareth Home for All’s God’s Children), as well as supported educational and agricultural iniatives in Cote d’Ivoire.

Most recently, WADSO raised support for Ebola prevention and relief in Liberia (Transformation International) and for security guards and internet access at another Nigerian hospital (Faith Alive Hospital). WADSO has also worked to increase awareness of West Africans’ strengths and struggles and to initiate relationships with some amazing West Africans. View Projects: Completed for more information.

Current projects include Faith Alive Hospital’s Wishlist and Faith Alive Hospital’s Patient Medical Care Fund; Elim School Scholarships; and Transformation International Peanut Butter House Fund, Best Brains Academy, and Boys/Girls Scholarships.

WADSO is now independent of any specific religious affiliation and welcomes participation from a variety of people and organizations. We are excited in late 2014 to have added new board members and partners in Liberia and Nigeria.

Please consider being part of WADSO during this exciting new chapter of our story.